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After Care

Instructions on how to take care of your new tattoo.

Always Wash Your Hands Before Touching your Healing Tattoo

If you received a “Second Skin“ bandage
  • Keep it on for 4-7 days, as long as all liquid stays inside and tattoo is completely sealed all the way around.
  • If it starts leaking fluids or water gets in, take it off immediately!
If you received a regular plastic wrap 
  • Keep the plastic on to protect tattoo until you get home.
  • Take it off 30-60 minutes after you received it and follow the wash procedure below.  
Your new tattoo need oxygen to heal, wear loose and clean clothing that won't rubbing against your new tattoo for the whole time of the healing process. 
How to take off second skin
I recommend taking it off in the shower or under running water, start from one corner and slowly peal it down and follow wash procedure below. 
Wash procedure - 2-4 times per day
Step 1 - Wash gently with warm water and Antibacterial Soap
(Do NOT use bar soap, body wash or dish soap). 
Step 2 - Rinse with water to wash off all soap.
Step 3 - Pat dry with clean disposable paper towel then let it air dry for 10-15 minutes.
(Do NOT rub your tattoo with towel, paper towel or anything like that).
Step 4 - Apply a thin layer of an Unscented and Fragrance-Free lotion such as Aveeno, Lubriderm, Cetaphil, Burt’s Bees or any other Unscented lotion. Apply more lotion during the day if needed. 
Keep it moisturized for a few more days to help your skin regenerate completely.​
Continue these steps until your tattoo is completely healed. Full healing cycle is 30 days.
If you see or feel any sign of irritation or begin breaking out with a rash or redness - immediately wash the lotion off and switch to a different one.
Things to Avoid
  • Do not apply any oils or lotions with oils in it.
  • Do not re-bandage your new tattoo.
  • Do not pick, scratch, peel, slap, rub or irritate your tattoo.
  • Do not soak your tattoo for 2 weeks.
    • ​no swimming pools, jacuzzies, hot tubs, rivers/lake bathing.
    • no saunas
  • Do not take HOT showers.
  • Avoid pet hair.
    • I recommend changing bed sheets if your pets usually sleep with you and avoid sleeping with them for at least the first 2-3 nights minimum. I know, this one is hard!
  • Do not exercise for 5-7 days.
    • you don’t want to sweat under the bandage if you have a second skin or on top of a healing tattoo.
    • after first 5-7 days, beware of dirty gym equipment, wash it well before using it.
  • Do not expose your tattoo to the sun for at least 5-8 weeks.
    • after that, use a sun block to protect it from sun.
  • Do not wear abrasive materials, jewelry, or shoes that rub against your tattoo.
Things You Can Do
  • Ice your tattoo to reduce swelling.
  • Elevate your tattoo to reduce swelling.
  • Take short showers.
Please send me a message if you have any questions!
I would love to see healed picture of your new tattoo.
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