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Booking Policy

Make sure you read through this entire page and understand under which condition I take on new Tattoo Projects. To give my ongoing project my full attention and priority, my books for new projects are periodical. Sign up for my newsletter to get first word when books open. 

Projects I take On

 Floral and nature related tattoos.

Will DO

  • Plants

  • Flowers

  • Birds

  • Bugs and Butterflies

  • Small Animals

Projects I do NOT take on

Micro / Tiny / Fine line tattoos.


  • Trees or Tree trunk

  • Mountains, landscape, sunsets

  • Octopus or ocean themes

  • Dragons

  • Owls or Phoenixes

  • Lettering

  • Symbols

  • 'No-Black-Ink'

I cannot guarantee I’ll take on every single project submitted. Some flowers just do not look good in a tattoo. I ask that you have a few back up types of flowers for the project in case some of those won’t work (for example if you want 2-3 types of flowers it’s a good idea to have another 2-3 other ones as back up just in case).
Cover up/rework projects will be limited. I ask that you remember, I’m not a magician, most of the time I give suggestions about what I think will work in the area based on your idea, but most of the time there’s not too much room for freedom. I might not be able to do what you ask me in the first place, if my suggestion is not something you like, I'm probably not a good artist for that project.

When my books are open - You will be able to “Submit Idea” through the main menu.

I only taking on projects I know I can do a great job for sure.  Thank you for understanding!

If I believe your project is better suited for another artist I know, I'm happy to make a referral. But if you submit your idea with elements I do not do, just to get referrals, I will not respond - I’m not Google.

You guys are the best! Thank you so much for keeping me busy 💜


Response time may take 2-4 weeks. 

In-Person Consultations
Bigger project most of the times requires a personal consultation. Then we can discuss all the details and I can see the placement or existing pieces (for cover ups) in person. Sometimes we have to do a consultation even if it’s a small project! It really depends on the project.

Consultations are free, but if you no call/no show for a consultation, then to schedule another consultation it won’t be free. 

It’s very helpful when you respond as quickly as possible, because spots will get filled and I can’t guarantee the time will be available later. If I haven’t heard back from you in 24-48hrs, the spot will go to someone else.

Please be respectful of my time as I am of your time. Communicate about what's going on instead of letting me wait for you is much appreciated.

Ongoing Projects
If we have a project already started and you’d like to schedule more sessions to finish it, please send me an email to 

Deposit Policy

To book a date and time a $ 200 non-refundable deposit is required and will be subtracted from the cost of the tattoo when the tattoo is completed.
Pay Deposit via
  • Drop Off at Mixed Medium Studios
  • Zelle
​Deposit will forfeit in any of the following situations: 
  • Cancelling the appointment 
  • Not showing up to the appointment/no call no show 
  • Rescheduling the appointment less than a week before the appointment. ​
  • More than 25 minutes late to appointment
  • Rescheduling more than once
When the deposit forfeits, a new deposit is required to schedule or keep any appointments previously set.

Hourly Rate

$220/hour Full Color Realistic and Dotted Black & White Illustrative
$250/hour Cover Up
Full Day Session* (7-8hrs) $1400 
Minimum 2 hours = $400
* If you book a full day session and end up only sitting for 1-2-3 hours, you still will be charged full day price. So, if you are not sure if you can sit for a full day (absolutely normal) please let me know that so I can schedule somebody else too.  

Method of Payment
​Cash is the preferred method of payment for all deposits, tattoos, art etc. However, I can accept other payment methods if absolutely needed (most of them require a fee).

How long will a tattoo project take?
Most of the times I can’t say exactly how long the whole tattoo will take until the design is ready and I understand exactly what, how big and where we’re doing your tattoo. I can give you an estimate once we have discussed some details.
Most correctly I can say how long the whole project will take after the first session once I get familiar with your skin and we know how far we got on a first session. 

Appointment Confirmation

When I have received your deposit, you’ll receive a confirmation email with appointment dates and times included.
I DO NOT send out any reminders before appointments. You will have to put it in your calendar and keep track of it yourself. If you need a reminder, make a notification in your calendar.
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