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Stipple Black & Gray Illustrative

I also really enjoy tattooing

Stippled Black and Gray Illustrative style. 

What defines this style of tattoo?

Stippled black and gray illustrative tattoo style is a technique that uses small dots of black and gray ink to create shading and texture in a tattoo design. The dots can vary in size, density and spacing to create different effects.


Illustrative tattoos are inspired by drawings, sketches and illustrations, often with a realistic or surrealistic touch. Stippled black and gray illustrative tattoos can create a striking contrast between the dark dots and the light skin, as well as a sense of depth and dimension.

Placement is extremely important. We want to make sure the composition flows with your body's natural shapes and curves.

This is a Stippled Black and Gray Illustrative Composition project I did for Monica. The idea was a nature inspired sleave to cover her whole upper arm.​

And this is the result we are both very happy with.

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