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Instructions on how to be prepared for your tattoo appointment.

I want to give you the best experience, this is what you should do

We follow strict guidelines and ask you to please respect our space.
  • Come to your appointment alone.
  • Wash hands upon arrival and use hand sanitizer.
Before Your Appointment,
  • Do NOT drink alcohol, use other drugs, or substances that thin your blood minimum 24hrs before.
  • Do NOT get sunburnt in the area being tattooed, avoid extreme sun exposure.
  • Make sure to get a good night sleep.
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  • Eat a good meal before, bring snacks or/and lunch for long sessions.
    • we have an oven and fridge available. ​
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothes for the placement of the tattoo.
    • feel free to bring change or additional clothes to stay covered around the area getting tattooed.
    • do not wear your favorites or nicest clothes because ink may get on it.
    • black clothes are encouraged.
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